3 Phase Power Off Grid Kit | Victron 24kVa | 20 kW Solar | 45kWh Lithium

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The Victron 3 phase system is perfect for those that require 3 phase power for machinery, power tools and more. This system offers 24kVA of continuous 3 phase power from the Victron plus another 8.2kW of extra inverter power from the Fronius Solar inverter which is dependant on how much Solar is on the panels at the time.

Package includes:

  • Pre-Wired & Programmed Board
    Pre-wired, programmed, tested and ready for an electrician to connect the recommended solar panels, pre-wired boards make off-grid easy. Pre-wired boards need to be installed in a shed/indoors/out of the weather as they are IP20 rated
  • Victron Energy Quattro 48/8000 x 3 = 24KVA total
    The Victron Inverter Charger converts the DC 48V Battery and Solar power to usable 240V power, the inbuilt charger also allows it to accept generator or mains power input to charge the batteries.

  • 8.2kW Fronius Solar Inverter
    You might be wondering why this Austrian Grid Inverter/Solar Inverter is included in this system? It's for good reason. The 8.2kW Fronius is another method for charging your batteries, however will also be the most efficient way to power your appliances such as the air-con throughout the day (It gets confusing at this point feel free to call us for a bit further explanation).

  • 9 x US5000B (5kWh) Pylontech Lithium Batteries (45kWh total)
    Pylontech lithium batteries are fully expandable, off-grid & energy storage battery bank. Grow your battery bank as your need and expect 6000 or more cycles / 16 years if cycled once per day to 80% depth of discharge (once per day)

  • Victron Energy 450V/200A SmartSolar MPPT DC Charge Controller
    The 450/100 is a large DC charge controller which features include a wide 80-450 VDC operating solar voltage input, independent tracking inputs, full connectivity, isolated PV connections, display screen, fully programmable battery charging parameters and active cooling.

  • 20.23kW Solar Array (48 x 425W Solar Panels)
    Trina’s multi-busbar technology for better light trapping effectPerfect for Australian conditions, Trina Panels peform well in warm weather with a low temperature coefficient (-0.34%) and operating temperatureTrina's solar panels come with a 25-year product guarantee and a 25-year linear power guarantee.

  • Victron Energy Cerbo + GX Touch Screen
    Instantly monitor the battery state of charge, power consumption, power harvest from PV, generator, and mains, or check tank levels. Easily control the shore power input current limit, (auto)start/stop generator(s) or change any setting and resolve challenges remotely.

  • Battery Cabling & Isolators
    We pre-wire and programme your system from start to finish, including full isolation and relevant cabling to reduce your voltage drop between every system component to ensure your Commodore system performs as specified in your system design
  • Solar Racking, Cabling & Isolators
    We include enough racking, clips, cabling and isolators for your solar to be connected to your system safely and securely. We use Clenergy, a widely trusted and used brand in the solar industry to mount your solar panels


The system can be expanded at any time in the following ways

  • Up to 256kWh battery storage up to 64 batteries can be used
  • Up to 9x Inverter Chargers for up to 45kVA rated output power
  • Within sensibility, basically an unlimited amount of solar power can be installed, adding more MPPT controllers as required.