TBB Power

TBB Power is specialized in providing independent power solutions. With 15 years experience, TBB Power now is a global solution provider in the renewable market serving clients across more than 50 countries, committed to providing one-stop power solution, including energy supply, energy management, energy storage and remote monitoring solution.

A wide products range is supplied covering power backup system, off grid system, residential energy storage system, commercial & industrial energy storage system as well as mini-grid system, widely used in independent power generation fields such as electricity, telecommunications, railways, ships, RVs and off-grid residential and commercial energy storage.

Apollo Max - Solar Hybrid Inverter with Parallel and Three Phase Capability

Apollo Matrix is an all-in-one solar hybrid inverter combining an inverter charger, an MPPT solar charge controller and a high-speed automatic transfer switch in one enclosure, designed for various applications, including backup power, off grid, and ESS, to ensure the most efficient energy consumption even in an extremely complicated system.


  • Suitable for power backup, off grid, and ESS applications
  • UPS level transfer switch (0-2ms) to ensure uninterruptible power supply
  • Support parallel and three phase operation up to 9 units (up to 45KW)
  • Its power assist function enables limited AC source to power heavy loads with the assist of battery power
  • Transformer based, strong ability to deal with the initial current of heavy loads
  • BMS communication with numerous leading lithium battery brands
  • Two AC outputs for load management in the event of battery operation
  • Remote monitoring and local program for easy system service

TBB ES100 5kWh Battery Information

Safe lithium iron phosphate battery cell with high energy density, compact design
  • Support up to 32 modules in parallel
  • Support short-time high-current charge and discharge
  • High efficiency between charging and discharging
  • Advanced high capacity, 90% DOD and 6000 cycles life
  • Support external CAN communication, compatible with leading inverter brands
  • Universal positive and negative terminals, convenient for users to install
  • Coming standard with 250A parallel bus bar
  • Available with simple mounting brackets and RACK cabinet with IP65 protection grade
  • Equipped with intelligent BMS for each battery pack to manage modules effectively
  • Practical pull ear design improves operation convenience


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