'Plug and Play' Powerhub All-in-one

'Plug and play' Powerhub cabinet Kits 

Designed as a turn-key Australian Made solution, The Power Hub series has been designed for light/medium power users who want to live Off-Grid in comfort.

You can install the Power Hub outdoors due to our IP55 rating which will keep the dust and all of the nasties out which makes it a fantastic solution for Tiny Homes or those who want to increase the longevity of their Off Grid System by keeping dust and other objects out of the components, which are commonplace in many Australian sheds.

Installation Location
Air Conditioning
Unit Design
Battery Cabinet Requirement
Phase Models Available
Diesel Generator Compatibility
Outdoor Suitability

Outdoor (IP55 rated)
Yes (Tailored to specific needs)
Internet for online monitoring
Built-in (Larger models)
All-in-One Cabinet Unit
Single and Three Phase
Accepts automatic start
Yes (Preferably shaded)


Download The Powerhub Brochure Here


Customer Example - Western Australia

Powerhub 8 

7.6 kw of panels

Powering pumps on a commercial project.