Watercooled Diesel Backup Generator | 13.2KVA Single Phase | 2 Wire Auto Start

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Here at SSA we are pedantic about quality and reliability, when it comes to off grid power there is nothing more frustrating than having issues caused by lower quality equipment. Which is why our smurf blue Commodore generators are built to specification not to price, high quality equipment works out substantially cheaper in the long run.

All of the Smurf blue diesel models are standard with an advanced Deep Sea controller pre configured for 2 wire auto start, making them perfect for off grid backup and emergency power. Featuring electric start with a heavy duty starter motor, reliable 1500 RPM 3 cylinder engine, and large output terminals for hard-wiring to your switchboard. Ours employ a warm up and cool down cycle managed by the deep sea controller to further look after the engine. Also supplied with a 10W solar panel trickle charger to keep your generator battery topped up & ready to rock n roll whenever you need it.

This unit will deliver a maximum AC output of 13.2kVA/13.2kW (@ PF1) or 12kVa/12kW continuously. A water cooled engine means that it can run for extended periods of time whereas air cooled generators can be run for approximately 4 hours at one time.

An Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is available which allows this generator to be used for automatic mains power failure protection. If the mains power fails, the ATS will disconnect from the mains then start the generator to safely switch over & supply power to your property. Once the mains power is restored, the ATS will shut down the generator and re-connect your property to the mains power grid. Please contact us for more information. ATS is available for grid switch over.


– A lot of other generators on the market are running a smaller engine, for example a 10kVa 2 cylinder revving to 3000rpm vs our 9kVa 3 cylinder revving to 1500rpm. Running with less cylinders and at a higher RPM means they are working much harder, and likely to have a shorter life span. It’s a bit like having a Hyundai Getz and a Landcruiser both towing a 1.5 tonne trailer, they’ll both physically be able to tow the trailer however one will be able to tow that trailer for a hell of a lot longer than the other.

– Another feature of the lower 1500rpm is that there is less noise, less vibration, less wear and tear, meaning more reliably and a steadier output power. Ours also have a foam padded sound proofing inside the enclosure which keeps them quieter again.

– A large majority of generators are not set up for off grid as they don’t have two wire auto start, which means the generator will not kick in automatically to charge your batteries and/or provide direct back up to your house. With some generators it is impossible to add a two wire start onto it afterwards as the controller isn’t designed to do so, other generators you can add a two wire auto start later but it’s difficult and expensive to do.

Will Work With

  • Backup for mains failure (requires a transfer switch for automatic transfer)
  • Permanent supply of power
  • Victron inverters
  • Selectronics inverters
  • SMA inverters

Package Includes:

  • Commodore 13.2kVA Diesel Generator Single Phase, pre configured for 2 wire auto start
  • 10W Solar panel with 4 metres of cable and alligator clips (for keeping battery charged when not in use)

Generator specifications:

  • Rated continuous output – 12kVa/12kW
  • Maximum output – 13.2KVA /13.2kW
  • Engine type – Four-cylinder, vertical inline, 4-stroke water cooled diesel engine
  • Engine RPM: 1500 RPM
  • Power factor: 1
  • Decibel dB(a) @ 7m = 69
  • Alternator type: Brushless, self excited
  • Fuel capacity – 55L
  • Fuel consumption – 4.98L/H
  • Oil volume – 7.8L

Service & Maintenance

  • Oil type when ambient temperature greater than 5 degrees (most common) = 15w-40
  • Oil type when ambient temperature is less than 5 degrees (cold conditions where the temperature never exceeds 35 degrees) = 10w-30
  • Coolant type: include diesel specific 40-60% anti freeze,  Ethylene Glycol
  • Always use the same oil & coolant types for best results
  • First service @ 150 hours
  • Services @ 500 hours there after


'Smurf Blue' diesel generators come with a 2 year (1000 hour) warranty, if your item is to be found defective within the warranty period we will replace that part free of charge.

If you are unable to fit the part you are welcome to send it back and our factory trained staff will replace the part for you free of charge within the warranty period. Shipping is cost of buyer.

It is buyers responsibility to ensure generators are not housed outside in direct weather conditions, keep away from moisture. Like all combustion engines they require servicing, see manual, failure to service may result in warranty voided.

Consumables, cables, leads, etc.. are not covered by warranty, negligence or misuse is a warranty exclusion. Commodore is not responsible for any direct or indirect expenses or losses related to warranty or non warranty.