Vaulta 12V 100Ah LFP Pack

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Perfect for: White label applications in camping, outdoor and adventure

Vaulta’s 12V 1ooAh LFP Pack batteries are designed and assembled in Brisbane, Australia. Perfect for outdoor and camping applications such as fridges, fans, lights and other small appliances.

They are white-label ready for your brand, and because they can be easily disassembled, the cells can be replaced, recycled and re-used. Making warranties and service easy. That’s the value of Vaulta Inside.


Nominal voltage (Vdc)

12 (12.8)

Nominal capacity (kWh)

1.28 (129Wh/kg)

Usable capacity (kWh)


Dimensions (mm)

246 x 246 x 165h

Weight (Kg)


Charge / Discharge Current (A)


50A/50A (0.5C)

Max continuous

100A /100A (1C)



200A (2C) <60 seconds

Communication port

Bluetooth (app)



BMS balancing


Working temperature (C degrees) - charge

(0) - (55)

Working temperature (C degrees) - discharge

(-20) - (65)

Shelf temperature (C degrees)

(-20) - (55) (25 recommended)

Calendar life

10 years @ 25 deg C

Cycle life

4000 cycles @ 35 deg C, 80% DOD, 0.5C/0.5C (compression)

3000 cycles @ 35 deg C, 80%

Planned certifications



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