Grid-tied Battery Backup

Real grid connected battery backup systems.

Connect your existing solar to these systems, Or include solar for the ultimate battery backup.


What is the difference between grid connected Solar battery systems ‘On Grid Off Grid’ vs ‘Hybrid’

There is a big difference between different Solar battery options that are available on the market, it is always our goal to explain to you what a system does do and just as importantly what it doesn’t do.

A ‘Hybrid’ battery system is best suited to saving money on your bills but nowhere near as good for backup power, for example when the power goes out you won’t be able to run heavier drawing items such as air conditioners or pumps and often your Solar won’t be able to charge the batteries when the grid has gone down. The reason that they can’t run these items is because the inverter is a high frequency transformerless inverter which doesn’t have the same power as a low frequency inverter that has a transformer which is an off grid style inverter. The ‘Hybrid’ option is cheaper and will give you a quicker return on your investment whilst giving you some backup power so still a great option.

With an ‘On Grid Off Grid’ system these are a little bit more expensive but these have a lot more grunt when the power goes out meaning that you can run air conditioners, pumps, power tools etc the amount of appliances that you can run when the power goes down depends on the inverter size that you select. We use proven Victron gear to power our ‘On Grid Off Grid’ systems which we also use to power all of our off grid systems they are a low frequency inverter with a transformer, the transformer acts as a shock absorber for higher drawing loads such as air conditioners and pumps meaning that you are much more self sufficient with a system like this compared to a hybrid system.
It’s important to remember there is no right or wrong when it comes to ‘Hybrid’ or ‘On Grid Off Grid’ its a matter of been clear with what you are wanting to achieve whether it is strictly saving money on your bills or whether you would like more power when the grid drops out.