SolaX X1 Hybrid Retrofit - 5 Kva Pv Inverter Kit - 2000 Kva backup Inverter (Small To Medium Home)

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SSA is proud to introduce The SolaX hybrid inverter is a dual MPPT PV inverter bundled with a 50A battery charger that is capable of putting out up to 2000W in a blackout situation - Keeping your Lights, Fridge & Essentials running.

This therefore makes it an excellent entry level hybrid solution at an attractive price point.

SolaX is a Chinese brand closely affiliated with Zhejiang University. Their products are distributed to 47 countries via 200 distribution channels.

The SolaX couples with CAN bus lithium ion batteries such as the LG Chem and will also work with traditional 48V wet cell solutions. This inverter comes with web logging out of the box and is also capable of export limting with a compatible energy meter.

All Packages Can be installed by any Licenced Electrician, they include a CEC Certified Connection kit and free delivery to your door!

Max DC Watts 5000W
Max DC Voltage 550V
Nominal DC Voltage 360V
MPPT Voltage Range 125-530V
Max Input Current 12/12
Max Short Circuit Current 15/15
MPPT Trackers 2
Nominal AC Output 4600VA
Max AC Current 22.1A
Max Efficiency 97.6%
Nominal Voltage 48V
Battery Type Lithium
Max DC Charge Current 50A
Nominal AC Output @ 25 degrees 2000W
Peak AC Output @ 25 degrees 2500W
Communications WiFi, Ethernet
Protection IP20
Dimensions 490x595x167mm
Weight 23.5kg
Warranty 5 Years

Battery Solution

  • Compatible with High-Voltage batteries

    IP65 Rated

    The AC-Coupled Series are rated for indoor & outdoor use

    Energy Storage


    • Scalable to 23.2kWh
    • Up to 6kW charge/discharge
    • Floor & Wall Mountable
    • High Voltage
    • Safest LiFePO4 battery

    SolaX Power is delighted to announce compatibility with the new Triple Power high-voltage battery solution. Designed and manufactured in partnership with SolaX, Triple Power are offering a NEW 5.8kWh model that can be installed in series with up to 4 batteries enabling 23.2kWh of storage. The new Triple Power encompasses the very latest in LFP technology which ensures much safer installations with wider temperature tolerances. With a 10-year warranty and 90% depth of discharge, the new Triple Power battery is a flexible, practical, high-performance energy storage solution.

    For Bigger Power needs Contacts Us.

    Remote Monitoring

    Remote system monitoring via the X-Cloud

    Data Sheets are available here.