Redearth 'BushChook' Hybrid Solar System

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RedEarth’s BushChook systems offer Australian-made scalability, making them an excellent and enduring investment for your home.

Available in both single and three-phase configurations, the BushChook provides a range of power outputs tailored to accommodate your specific needs.

Like all of RedEarth’s products, BushChook is fully engineered, assembled, and tested to Australian standards at RedEarth’s factory in Brisbane. It comes as a complete solution that can be easily installed by an SPS-certified installer.

Versatile Power Hub:
The BushChook seamlessly integrates grid, generator, and load ports achieving a truly
unique level of flexibility.
Dynamic AC-Coupled Solution:
The BushChook partners effortlessly with micro-inverters and standard string PV
inverters. Its micro-grid functionality allows you to power on through a blackout and
provides frequency control functionality in a grid failure.
Reliable Backup with Generator Support:
No grid, no worries – in the face of grid outages, the BushChook can power up your
backup generator to power loads and charge the battery.
Smart Load Management:
No generator or AC-coupled solar? The generator port can be easily converted to a
smart load port, providing intelligent load management, and ensuring your solar and
battery is consumed as efficiently as possible.
Private Power Plant Ready:
The BushChook keeps your power in your hands with native support for RedEarth’s
Private Power Plant.

Outdoor-rated and easy-to-install, the BushChook system comes pre-wired as a complete
solution with whole house backup functionality


Single Phase
Three phase
Power output options
Max. AC output power of 5,000W or 8,000W
Max. AC output power of 12,000W
Solar input
5kW option Connect up to 7.5kW of solar panels to the dual MPPTs. 8kW option Connect up to 12kW of solar panels to the dual MPPTs (150-425Vdc max. 500Vdc)
12kW option Connect up to 18kW of solar panels to the dual MPPTs (200-650dc max. 800Vdc)
From 2 to 8 x 4.1kWh Troppos (max. 32.8kWh) Voltage: 48Vdc (nom.) Min 2 required for full inverter power rating. (Min 2 for 5kW, minimum 3 for 8kW)
4 to 8 x 4.1kwh Troppos (Max 32.8kWh) Voltage: 48Vdc (nom.) Min 5 required for full inverter power rating.
Electrical connections
Hard-wired via built-in EPS transfer switch PV cables connected directly to pre-installed MC4s. In-built support for controlling AC coupled micro inverters and solar systems, generators or smart loads via hard wired terminal block.
Monitoring hardware included and activated via RedEarth’s EMU app (subject to network availability and Optimum subscription).
Energy trading
On-grid only
EV charger