Pylontech 48v US3000C 3.55kWh Lithium Battery module (includes cables)

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Pylontech 48v US3000C 3.55kWh Lithium Battery module (includes cables)


Upgrade your grid connected or off grid solar system with a cost effective energy storage solution. Based on the rated performance and upfront cost, the Pylontech lithium batteries deliver an exceptional cost of ownership of approximately 15 cents per kWh. This compares favourably with the typical & rising cost of mains energy of around 28 cents per kWh. Commodore Australia’s Pylontech US3000 battery prices also include full battery (link cables and communication cables)

The Pylontech batteries are compatible with a number of popular inverter brands including:

The batteries come as a standard server rack size, giving many installation options. We custom build a server rack style cabinet pre wired ready for installation. The standard cabinet will suit up to 5 batteries (17.75kWh). If more than 5 are required a larger cabinet can be supplied on request. Orders can be made for 8 battery cabinets upon request.

Key Specifications:

  • Nominal Voltage: 48V
  • Total capacity per battery module – 3.55kWh
  • Usable energy per module – 3.37kWh
  • Maximum output power per module – 5kW (Peak 15s max)
  • Cycle life per module – >6000 cycles
  • Expand-ability – up to 80kWh total, adding modules and cabinets as necessary at any time (over 5 units in parallel requires a communications hub)
  • Communication: RS485, CAN
  • Charge voltage (V): 52.5-53.5
  • Discharge voltage (V): 45-53.5
  • Working temperature (c): 0-50
  • Shelf temperature (c): -20-60
  • Humidity: 5%-85%
  • Altitude <2000