Workhorse Series | 6600 L/H | Max Head 74m | Hybrid Solar | 1.1kW Submersible Pump | 4SPM5-12

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6.6-74 Workhorse Submersible Solar Pump

The Workhorse 6.6-74 submersible AC pump package is coupled with a powerful VFD based solar pump inverter, giving the benefits of solar, as well as mains and generator capabilities. This means that the pump can run all day from solar and automatically switch to mains or generator power at night, with the added ability to blend the solar with AC power when there is insufficient sunlight.

Always refer to the maximum head and flow as per the flow chart

Total Head Pressure (Metres) Litres Per Hour Litres Per Day With 6 Panels
31 6600 39600
37 6000 36000
44 5400 32400
48 4800 28800
53 4200 25200
57 3600 21600
60 3000 18000
63 2400 14400

Package includes:

  • AC Submersible Multistage Pump model 4SP5-12
  • Solar Pump Inverter drive with AC Back up
  • 10m Solar Cable with Connectors fitted
  • Solar DC isolator
  • Instruction Manual and Quick Connection guide

Optional extras:

  • Extra cable. Pump comes with 3 metres of cable on it if you need more calculate the distance from where you’re pumping from to where you will mount the controller. Maximum 100 metres extra cable for this pump.
  • JA 460w Solar Panels x 6
  • Clenergy 6 Panel Stand with pole for easy installation
  • Railing/connectors take all the hard work out of building your own
    stand, they connect to the solar panels and bolt straight onto your own
  • Pressure switch if you’re filling a tank that is some distance from
    where you’re pumping from. The switch that comes with the system is wired
    whereas there is an option to purchase a mechanic pressure switch that isn’t
    wired to the tank.
  • Pump Float – if you’re using this in a dam or a river then a pump float is a convenient pump mounting option.
  • You can find these extras in Pump accessories – Bore cap, stainless steel hanging cable and more.

Pump Model 4SPM5-12 Specs:

  • Single Phase 240v AC 50Hz
  • Pump Power 1.1kW
  • Max Flow Rate: 6.6m3/hr or 6,600 litres per hour (at minimum head height)
  • Max Head Height: 74m (where flow stops – see above images for head and flow ranges)
  • Minimum head height* at 50Hz: 31m
  • Unit Weight: 14.6kg plus cable weight approx 25kg
  • Motor and Pump body High quality stainless steel 304

Remote Control Unit – Brand New Addition

For the first time, Commodore is providing the option of remote control monitoring for our Workhorse range of pumps. What does this mean for you?

  • Users can turn their pump on or off from the click of a button on their phone or computer
  • Users have full access to real time data, and historical data such as solar input, temperature and AC output frequency – please see the photo attached above
  • Commodore can provide comprehensive advice and guidance for any questions users have about their solar pumping system

This is an absolute gamechanger at Commodore, and for only an additional $480, Australian’s now have access to some of the best in customer usability and comprehensive performance data.

Solar Pump Drive Range Features:

  • Dual operating modes:
  • Solar only mode Automatic operation with sunlight, adjusting flow to match available solar power, where a minimum running speed / min flow rate can also be set if required.
  • 24/7 operation mode power with Solar during the day & run with Mains overnight, the inverter will also blend mains power with solar if solar is not sufficient to run the pump at required speed.
  • Mains / Generator Input: Single Phase AC 240V (Optional Generator auto start controller available for $495)
  • Maximum Solar Array Open Circuit Voltage (VOC): 450V
  • Full protections and automatic operation including low water protection (both low current and water level sensors), compatible with pressure switches and tank level sensors
  • LCD display screen with running status and info, including power input/ output, frequency/ speed, and error history.
  • Overload / Stalled motor protection

Premium JA 460w Solar panels

JA are one of the biggest Solar panel manufacturers on the planet there is a reason for that, their quality is top shelf, which is why we match them with our Commodore Solar pumps and Off grid systems. These high watt rated panels feature an excellent 12-year warranty for materials and processing, and a 25-year warranty for linear power output. The panels are measured at the following voltages:

  • Power: 460w
  • Open Circuit: 50V
  • Maximum Power: 42.13V
  • Short Circuit Current: 11.45


Workhorse Pumps come with a 2 year warranty. Commodore Pump Drive comes with a 2 year warranty. If your item is found to be defective within the warranty period we will replace the defective part free of charge. You are welcome to send it back and our factory trained staff will carry out the repair for you free of charge within the warranty period. Repairs outside warranty period available at reasonable cost, shipping is cost of buyer. Consumables, cables, leads, etc.. are not covered by warranty, negligence or misuse is a warranty exclusion. Commodore is not responsible for any direct or indirect expenses or losses related to warranty or non warranty.