Sun Torque 48v 5kWh Lithium Battery with built in BMS

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Sun Torque 48v 5kWh Lithium Battery with built in BMS

The Sun Torque lithium module is a beauty because of its built in BMS, it means that you can use this on both new inverters and older inverters as well. Nearly all 48v lithium modules require communications that only new inverters have so its a huge plus for those that have an existing inverter that want to go to lithium that don’t want to replace their inverter.

This  is a 48V LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) battery module. With the advanced LiFePO4 cell technology and smart BMS, the product have the benefit of long cycle life, small size, light weight, high safety, environmental protection and strong environmental adaptability.

Discharge cycles

  • 4000 discharge cycles to 80% DOD
  • 5000 discharge cycles to 70% DOD
  • 6000 discharge cycles to 60% DOD

Features & Benefits

• 5kWh module = 4kWh usable
• High energy density
• Light weight, ergonomic
• Delivers up to 3X the energy density of conventional lead acid batteries
• Long cycle life
• Proven LiFePO4 chemistry, maximum cycle life for deep cycle and hybrid application
• Integrated Smart Battery Manage System(BMS)
• Protect internal cells from overcharge, over-discharge, high current, etc. ensure battery safety and reliability
• Equalization and balance each cell, prolong battery life
• Intelligent monitors, remote measure, remote communication, remote control by RS485
• Support parallel connection to increase capacity
• LED status and alarm indication
• Maintenance free
• Fast charge capability

Main Applications

• Telecommunication
• UPS and IDC Data center
• Renewable Energy Storage System

Battery Cabinets also available! 


Length 570mm x Width 483mm x Height  132mm


Sun Torque 5kWh 48v lithium battery comes with a 10 Year Pro rata warranty

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