Small House/Weekender Australian Zenaji Lithium Titanate Off Grid System | Full 20 Year Battery Warranty | Schneider Electric

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You will be hard pressed to find a better performing system in Australia due to the foundation of the system being supported by Schneider Electric who are leaders in Off Grid Inverters and DC Charge Controllers and the Batteries being Lithium Titanite Chemistry from Zenaji. Zenaji are an Australian company who provide a strong point of difference in the Off Grid Industry. Their Lithium Titanate batteries have a 20 year warranty which is double the warranty of most Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries and are IP65 rated, which means they don’t require a cabinet.

Here at Commodore we specialize in off grid, what that means is that when you purchase a system from us you can have complete confidence in its reliability and performance. We would only sell what we would install in our own house (a lot of the staff here live off grid) and best of all we are here to help you every step of the way after you’ve purchased your system. We are one of the biggest off grid distributors in Australia, we offer you the right system, at the best price the first time.

Zenaji Lithium Titanate Batteries 

  • 20 Years & 22,000 Cycles Warranty.
  • No Replacement Needed over Solar Installation Lifespan
  • 3+ Cycles per day.
  • Use 100% of Installed Capacity
  • Can be recovered from 0% Discharged Capacity with no adverse effects.
  • Warranted 80% Capacity at 20 Years (but will more likely be 90%).
  • 48 Volt Low Voltage Battery (market standard).
  • Safest Lithium Battery; will never self-combust & have passed puncture tests, water immersion tests & explosion tests.
  • Lowest Lifetime cost per kWh in the market – view the graph attached in the photo’s
  • IP65 rated – mount outside

The Schneider Difference:

  • Unlike many manufacturers, Schneider provide a time period on their XW Pro’s surge capacity, for example their XW pro surges to 12kW for 1 minute
  • Schneider invest 5% of revenue back into research and development which is no surprise when you’ve used their products they are so well thought out, functional, future proofed and most importantly reliable.
  • Is one of the largest On Grid and Off Grid certified inverters
  • Schneider now has a 20 person Australian technical support team to help with all of your enquiries. They make sure you aren’t left in the dark
  • 5 + 5 year warranty now available
  • Have been operating internationally for 183 years

Package includes:

  • Schneider Conext SW4048 48v Inverter Charger
  • 3 x 1.93kWh = 5.79kWh of Zenaji Lithium Titanate Batteries with a 20 year warranty 
  • 1x Schneider Conext MPPT 600v/100 amp charge controller
  • Insight Home Monitoring (physical screen and app available for your phone)
  • 3.51kW Solar Array – 9 x 390W JA Mono Solar Panels
  • Schneider Battery Monitor
  • Conext Auto Generator Start for XW
  • Solar Panel racking to suit Tin roof (Tile roof & Tilt frame options available)
  • Cables, fuses, isolators, etc to suit the system including string fuses.
  • 20m cable runs to the solar array and 2m cable distance to the battery bank as standard
  • Safety Sticker Kit
  • Connection guides
  • Pre-wired and configured system board – see photos (this makes a much faster and simpler install on-site)
  • Finance available **Subsidized Freight

JA Solar

For a long time JA Solar have been one of the biggest names in the solar industry, there panels have truly passed the test of time and they continue to offer some of the highest efficiency panels on the market. This listing features the 330W modules, which have a 12 year workmanship warranty, and 25 year output warranty.

Schneider XW Inverter

Designed for the ultimate backup power performance and product quality, the XW Pro builds on Schneider Electric’s extensive track record in solar + storage applications. The XW Pro includes enhanced controls for evolving utility interconnect requirements, as well as BMS integration with compatible Li-ion batteries. 6.8kW continuous power, 8.5kW of power for 30 minutes, 12kW of power for 60 seconds.

Schneider Conext 150/60 Charge Controller

Installers love the 150v open circuit voltage charge controller meaning that you can string more panels together and hence save a lot of time on wiring up whilst up on the roof. Suitable for 48v and 24v systems, pairs perfectly with the XW Pro inverter.

Warranty Information

  • All Schneider components have a 5 year full warranty (2 + 3 warranty)
  • Sun-Torque Lithium Batteries feature a 10 Year Pro Rata warranty – See terms here:
  • Solar Panels feature a 25 year output warranty to 80 percent rated power, 15 year manufacturers warranty
  • All other items come with a minimum 12 month warranty.

For more info on the batteries :