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The use of beverage bottles to do water storage containers, drip rate can be adjusted, can be very slow, up to 1 drop / min. Liquid fertilizer can also be added to the water for automatic fertilization.

 This product is also a good weapons in arid areas , can be used for transplant seedlings to ensure long-term wet roots of saplings to improve the survival rate.

Product Description

size: See the picture


Packing: 2Pcs(no bottle)



1. The use of drip pots soil thickness of not less than 15 cm, or difficult to fix.

2. Drainers for the size of the bottle is not limited, 500 ml to 1.5 L can be. Bottle size similar to the most appropriate Coke bottle, large caliber sports drink bottles do not.

3. General 500 ml of normal drip rate can be about 1 to 2 days, 1.5 L of the bottle can be slow to drop 7 to 10 days or so.


Reminder: Due to the working principle of the product, it is only suitable for a maximum of 1.5 liters of the bottle, and then not only can not be fixed, but also overflow. All the friends who travel more than 10 days is not very suitable for.

(On the bottle problem: ask the customer to prepare their own, as long as these caliber contrast can be similar.)

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