LG Residential Storage Unit - 9.8Kwh / Lithium / 48 V

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This series of batteries are suited to Hybrid inverters such as Huawei, Fronius Symo Hybrid and the SMA SBS range of chargers.

The LG Chem RESU 10H is a Korean made solar battery pack, uses LG Battery cells specifically produced for the LG RESU range of batteries containing 9.8 kWh capacity. It uses an NMC based cell (lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide) this improves their specific energy as well as prolonging their lifespan. This is the cell type of choice for electric cars such as Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt and BMW i3. Due to the way the cells within the RESU 10H have been placed the risk of a safety issue is very low.

The design of the RESU 10H’s is exceptional as it has a flat frame, so can be mounted on the side of a garage or driveway without the risk of being hit by a car. The battery has a water resistance rating of IP55. And is cooled via natural air flow that blows onto the slit-shaped battery’s that have the maximum surface area in order to make sure that the battery’s heat up as little as possible.

10kWh Lithium Battery
8.5kWh Usable @ 85% DoD
6500 Cycles @ 85% DoD
5kW Nominal Discharge
7kW Peak Discharge

The LG Chem RESU 10H is designed to tie in with a grid connect solar system to increase self-consumption and savings. An additional high voltage inverter (SMA Sunnyboy Storage) is also required. 9.8kWh is big enough to offset the late afternoon/evening energy use of an big Aussie household. Depending on your usage, it may even cover evening and early morning electricity needs.

This battery features 5000 watts continuous power and DC round-trip efficiency of 95% while ensuring 80% of capacity retention after 10 years, and consequently comes with a 10 year warranty.

All LG Chem RESU 10H models are floor or wall mountable; the protection class (IP55) even allows outdoor installation; however, we recommend a cool location, e.g. inside a brick garage and never installed in direct sunlight.