Submersible Solar Pump Screw 3″ | 1,800l/hr | Max Head 80m | 24V

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You’re looking at the Commodore Submersible 1.8-80 Solar pump kit. This is one of the best if not the very best value for money entry pump on the market. Unlike many pumps online this pump is a genuinely high quality featuring high grade 316 stainless steel this makes an enormous difference in getting longevity out of your pump whether it lasts 2 years or 10. With our extensive knowledge of pumps and engineering we’ve developed our own range of pumps with the highest quality components from the bearings to the motor to the screw drive.

This pump can deliver a maximum of 1,800 litres per hour or a maximum total head of 80 metres. To get an accurate indication of how much water you’ll get match your head height up against the table below.\

Please refer to our pump calculator to get your total head & compare to the curve graph for head & flow ranges. On submersible pumps we recommend not exceeding 65% of maximum head height for this pump that is 50m.

Total Head Pressure (Metres) Litres Per Hour Litres Per Day With 2 Panels Litres Per Day With 1 Panel
10 1350 8100 4860
20 1200 7200 4320
30 1050 6300 3780
40 900 5400 3240
50 460 2760 1656

Premium JA 460w Solar panels

JA are one of the biggest Solar panel manufacturers on the planet there is a reason for that, their quality is top shelf, which is why we match them with our Commodore Solar pumps and Off grid systems. These high watt rated panels feature an excellent 12-year warranty for materials and processing, and a 25-year warranty for linear power output. The panels are measured at the following voltages:

  • Power: 460w
  • Open Circuit: 50V
  • Maximum Power: 42.13V
  • Short Circuit Current: 11.45

The difference between Commodore Screw Pumps and Cheaper Submersible Solar Screw Pumps:

  • Commodore uses Japanese bearings in all of it’s pumps as we have identified cheaper low grade bearings to be a significant issue in pumps
  • Commodore’s submersible solar screw pumps are manufactured with SS316 Steel is a high grade steel and is rated higher than many other pumps using 304 stainless steel, see our attached image for a comparison
  • We use a full length motor rotor, RPM 2400 (not 5000 rpm as in low cost product, reduces life expectancy)
  • Commodore includes lifetime support on the gear that you purchase from us


  • Max flow rate: 1,800 litres per hour / 25 litres per minute
  • Max head (vertical pumping distance): 80 metres
  • Pump power 210W
  • Pump Outlet: 3/4″
  • Stainless Steel Pump, Motor & Screw SS316,
  • Pump Diameter 74mm,
  • NSK Bearings
  • Brushless DC Pump Motor

Package Includes:

  • 210W Brushless DC Submersible Screw Pump
  • MPPT Sealed Solar Pump Controller
  • Well Sensor to stop pumping if the water source is low
  • Tank Sensors to stop pumping if the tank is full
  • Spare Pump Impeller
  • 5 Metre Cable for Solar Pump
  • Instruction Manual

Optional extras:

  • Extra cable. Pump comes with 3 metres of cable on it if you need
    more calculate the distance from where you’re pumping from to where you will
    mount the controller. Maximum 50 metres extra cable for this pump.
  • JA 460w Solar Panel
  • Sam’s 1 Panel Stand with pole for easy installation
  • Railing/connectors take all the hard work out of building your own
    stand, they connect to the solar panels and bolt straight onto your own
  • Pressure switch if you’re filling a tank that is some distance from
    where you’re pumping from. The switch that comes with the system is wired
    whereas there is an option to purchase a mechanic pressure switch that isn’t
    wired to the tank.
  • Pump Float – if you’re using this in a dam or a river then a pump float is a convenient pump mounting option.