CD6500 Diesel Generator | Extended Warranty

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Commodore Silenced Generator -

CD6500 Diesel Generator | Extended Warranty

This air cooled diesel generator is perfectly suited for automatic backup battery charging with Off Grid Systems.

NEW UPDATED 2022 MODEL, now standard with advanced digital controller for 2 wire auto start.  Ideal for off grid usage. Most models of this capacity have a very basic 2 wire start method which is unreliable and can cause issues to the engine down the track, we have re designed this unit to use an advanced digital controller that takes into account, oil pressure, temperature, fuel capacity, battery voltage and has a logical processor for reliably starting and stopping the generator without damage to any internal components.

This diesel powered generator is well suited for battery charging for small to medium off grid power systems – during poor weather or in times of higher energy demands.


  • Electric start with heavy duty starter motor
  • 2x Single phase 240V covered outlets
  • Combined LCD Volt meter / Frequency meter/ Running time counter
  • High quality bearings throughout
  • Balance shaft inside the engine to reduce vibration
  • Secondary Flywheel alternator for charging the starter battery
  • Alternator made with quality 100% copper windings
  • Circuit breaker on control panel