“Personal Power Station” Victron 20kVa Inverter | 46kWh BYD Lithium Battery Bank | 20kW JA Premium Solar Array

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The Up-Market Build is a system designed for the larger scale house looking to go off grid with their new build, designed with high power demands in mind this system gives you the flexibility to run, several air conditioners, heat pump hot water, oven, stove top,  pool pump and much more. 

This is an 'all you will ever need' type of Solar kit - A Huge 20 kVa Victron Inverter coupled with a 8 kW Fronius Inverter, never run out of power off grid!

Peace of mind is an important facet of living self sufficiently or off grid. The Victron hardware is covered by an outstanding 5 year replacement or repair warranty. The BYD Lithium battery system features an outstanding 10 year warranty, and is constructed of the safest and best performing lithium battery technology – Lithium Ferrous Phosphate (otherwise known as LiFePo4 or LFP).

Package Includes:

    • Victron 20kVA Quattro Solar Inverter Charger system (2x 10kVa Quattro Inverter Charger’s) 
    • Huge 20kW Solar Array (52x 390W JA solar panels)
    • Victron Smart Solar MPPT 450/200 solar charger DC coupled
    • Fronius 8.2kW Single Phase Solar Inverter AC coupled
    • Victron Cerbo GX system display panel and touch screen with remote monitoring
    • VE.Direct connection cables
    • 3x BYD 15.4kWh Batteries = 46.2kWh useable capacity (optional upgrade to 4 batteries – select drop down
    • DC Disconnect / Battery Breaker & Fuses to suit
    • DC Solar PV Isolator & breakers, DC battery cabling to suit
    • Solar PV Cabling to suit
    • Solar Panel racking to suit Tin roof (Tile & Tilt upgrades available)
    • Safety Sticker Kit & Connection guides
    • Pre wired and Pre configured Board (see photos, this makes installation much more straightforward)
    • Lifetime support and System Monitoring
    • 17kVa Back up diesel generator, configured for 2 wire auto start 

Victron Remote Management Portal (VRM)

Victron’s remote management portal is second to none, included with the Cerbo GX devices this allows the user to monitor the system remotely from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, check on battery percentage, solar production, house loads, and even start your generator remotely.

The system can be expanded at any time in the following ways:

  • Up to 984kWh battery storage – using 64x BYD batteries
  • Up to 12x Inverter Chargers for up to 120kVA rated output power – ( 120kVa achieved with 3 phase systems) 
  • Within sensibility, basically an unlimited amount of solar power can be installed, adding more MPPT controllers as required & setting charge limits appropriate for the battery bank.
  • Ground Mount Panel Array - If there is not enough roof space.

Create an Off Grid power system. Power will be supplied primarily from the solar panels & battery bank. If there is insufficient power, the inverter can make use of a petrol, diesel or gas powered generator to recharge the batteries & run the household loads intuitively. The system can start the generator automatically providing the generator is compatible with two wire starting  some ATS systems are also compatible with two wire start.

Warranty Information

  • JA Solar panels feature a 15 year product warranty & 25 year pro-rata warranty on performance
  • All Victron components have a 5 year full warranty
  • BYD lithium battery system has a 10 year warranty
  • All other items come with a minimum 12 month warranty