Vaulta Battery

Vaulta is a battery casing technology company based in Brisbane, Australia. Using advanced composite materials and smart, streamlined design, Vaulta has developed a lighter and smaller battery case with fewer parts, creating scalable efficiencies and opportunities for manufacturers.

Vaulta founder and director Dominic Spooner has over 12 years experience as a design engineer, and has worked in a range of industries, including renewables and batteries, defence and aerospace, consumer products, commercial products and startups. While working in battery design, Dominic saw firsthand that opportunities for growth were being overlooked in favour of continuing with the status quo – and that’s when the idea for Vaulta was born.

Vaulta’s world-first no-weld design means modules can be easily assembled and disassembled, cells reused and recycled, and new cells added as battery technology continues to evolve.

From stationary storage and electric vehicles to defence, aerospace and beyond, Vaulta’s battery case technology works wherever batteries do.

Vaulta Inside™ means our batteries are designed for disassembly.

  • Reuse Cells
  • Easily Repair Cells
  • Recycle Cells
  • Reassemble anywhere in the field.