Commodore Lead Carbons - 12V 1000AH Battery Bank

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Commodore Lead Carbons 1000Ah 12v

Lead Carbon technology has been around forever and a day, it is one of the safest and most reliable type of off grid batteries. This is the last set that we have in stock! DC-C series lead-carbon batteries use functional activated carbon and graphene as carbon materials, which are added to the negative plate of the battery to make lead carbon batteries have the advantages of both lead-acid batteries and super capacitors. It not only improves the ability of rapid charge and discharge, but also greatly prolongs the battery life, more than 2000 cycles at 80%DOD. It is more suitable for the application of PSOC.

These modules are 2v each and this listing is for a 12v bank consisting of 6 modules.
A 12v bank is a 12kWh capacity, with 7kWh usable, perfect for a weekender, bus etc.

Cells Per Unit 1
Voltage Per Unit 2
Capacity 800Ah@10hr-rate to 1.80V per cell @25°C
Weight Approx. 50.0Kg (Tolerance±1.5%)
Internal Resistance Approx. 0.46 mΩ
Terminal F10(M8)
Max. Discharge Current 3500A (5 sec)
Design Life 20 years
Maximum Charging Current 220.0 A
Cycle Use Voltage 2.30 V~2.33 V @ 25°C
Temperature Compensation: -4mV/°C/Cell
Operating Temperature
Discharge: -20°C ~60°C
Charge: 0°C~50°C
Storage: -20°C~60°C
Normal Operating
Temperature Range
Self Discharge

The batteries can be stored for up to 6 months at 25°C and then recharging is recommended.
Monthly Self-discharge ratio is less than 4% at 25°C. Please charged batteries before using.
Container Material A.B.S. White/Red. UL94-HB/UL94-V0.
• Home energy storage system
• Smart power grid and microgrid systems
• Distributed energy storage system
• Solar and wind energy storage system
• Solar power generation grid or off-grid energy storage system
• Generation and battery hybrid energy storage system ISO 9001 ISO 1400 1 OH SAS 1800 1 CC1000 DC-C Series Lead Carbon