390W JA A Grade CEC Approved Panels Tier 1

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390W JA A Grade CEC Approved Panels Tier 1

390W A Grade CEC Approved Panels Tier 1 by JA

JA have shown why they are one of the biggest names in the Solar Industry by providing high quality panels, built to stand the test of time. These high watt rated panels feature an excellent 12-year warranty for materials and processing, and a 25-year warranty for linear power output. The panels are measured at the following voltages:

  • Open Circuit: 41.94V
  • Maximum Power: 35.33V
  • Short Circuit Current: 11.58

We can assist you with your roof tacking including standard tin roof racking, tile roof racking, tilt roof racking and ground mounts available. We keep all the Solar cables, isolators and charge controllers in stock we can assist you with all of your Solar requirements.

Key Features

  • Higher output
  • Lower LCOE
  • Less shading and lower resistive loss
  • Better mechanical loading tolerance


  • 12 year product warranty
  • 25 year linear power output warranty