Preassure Kit For DC Soalr Pumps

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hese pressure switch kits are designed for automatic pump control on solar pump installations where the holding tank is too far from your pump, and becomes impractical to run a signal cable as is required to use a standard water level switch.

The pressure switch gives a signal to our solar pump controllers’ tank sensor terminals to shut down the pump when your tank is full, and re-start pumping once the tank level has dropped.

Package Includes:

  • 19L Pressure Tank (Max Pressure: 1000kPa -Connection Size: 25mm)
  • 5-way Brass Tee (1x 1″ male + 2x 1″ female + 1x male 1/4″ BSP + 1x female 1/4″ BSP)
  • Pressure Gauge with male 1/4″ BSP thread
  • Adjustable Pressure Switch 10 -140 PSI with female 1/4″ BSP thread
    • Does not arc when opening or closing – as there is only a signal contact to the controller – no large current as with normal AC pump pressure switches.