Westinghouse Digital Inverter Generator - Petrol / 2.4 KVa / Quiet

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The all-new Westinghouse 2400i digital inverter generator lets you take the power wherever you go. Whether you’re caravanning or camping, backing-up your home mains electricity supply or working remotely on site, the 2400i offers you the ultimate in portable power convenience. Innovative technology enables the 2400i to generate power with higher fuel efficiency, fewer emissions and less weight than a standard generator. Its clean and stable power output is safe for all of your electronic devices including TVs, computers and mobile phones.


Powerful – 2,400 Watts maximum output – the highest in its class – lets you run more of your electrical devices.

Compact and Lightweight – at only 20 kg, it can be easily carried by one person using the ergonomic non-slip handle.

Quiet and Smooth – running from only 51 dB(A) so its operation won’t disturb you, or your neighbours.

Long Runtime – up to 24 hours achieved by the fuel-efficient engine and biggest-in-class 5 litre fuel tank.

Easy To Use – yellow coloured touch points guide you to the controls required for normal operation.

Mains Quality Electricity – from the digital inverter safely powers all of your sensitive electronic equipment.

Clean Air Technology – using a 4-stroke petrol engine with the latest emission controls helps protect the environment.

Plug and Play – convenience with everything you need supplied in the box including a dust cover.

Warranty Protection

for 2 years or 500 hours of domestic use to safeguard your investment (conditions apply).

Digital Inverter Generator Technology

The 2400i’s pure sine wave power output is generated in a 3-step computer-controlled process, unlike a standard generator that uses the raw power output from a hardwired alternator. And whereas a standard generator’s engine must run constantly at full speed, the 2400i’s engine operates more efficiently by running at varying speed according to the power demand.