Westinghouse 8500E Generator 10.6KVA Two Wire Auto Start NEW

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The Westinghouse 8500 generator is by far our favourite petrol generator here at Commodore, it is an absolute work horse. Now with the release of the NEW two wire auto start model in the 8500 you get both power and two wire auto start ability that is usually only seen in much more expensive water cooled diesel generators. Westinghouse is one of the only petrol generators with a two year warranty and I can see why, in all of the Westinghouse generators that we’ve sold we have never seen one come back faulty.

There is a bit of a myth with generators that diesel is superior to petrol, in air cooled generators that is certainly not the case, there is a much bigger demand for petrol generators around the world than what there is for diesel and hence why you can get a reliable powerful petrol generator for < $3k.

The Utility Series of Westinghouse generators are compact, high performance units designed specifically for Australian operating conditions. Equipped with a unique combination of high quality features, they offer superior value for money.


  • Maximum Power: 8,500 Watts
  • Maximum Output: 10.6 kVA
  • Engine: 420 cc, 4-Stroke, Petrol
  • Starter: Two wire auto start
  • 240 Volt Outlets: 2 15 Amps, IP44
  • 12 Volt Outlet: 8.3 Amps, 100 Watts
  • Overload Protection: Yes
  • RCD Safety Switch: No
  • 12Volt electric Battery supplied: Yes
  • Fuel tank: 25 litres
  • 13.1 @ 50% output
  • Noise Level 80dB(A) @ 7m

Full range of Westinghouse generators in stock and come with national warranty.