SolaX X1 HV Hybrid inverter Kit - 6 Kva Pv Inverter / 5 Kva Backup Inverter ( Medium to Large Home 3-4 People)

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UV Power and SolaX Power are delighted to announce the launch of the eagerly anticipated third generation  Solax Hybrid X1 Inverter.   The Solax Hybrid X1 Inverters battery storage inverter is compatible with the leading lithium-ion battery solutions available on the market today making it the most popular energy storage solution. We prefer to use the seamless transition with the Solax Triple Power battery system as having the same battery and inverter company makes communications seamless. If you ever have issues with the battery or the inverter there is only one company to talk to, making it easy.

The video below from Battery guru, Glen Morris explains more about the Solax Hybrid X1 Inverters and X3 Solax range connected to the Solax Triple Plus battery system

The inverter has different work modes to program what you want the inverter to do. We usually set the Solax Hybrid X1 Inverters firstly and in order to Self Consumption, battery charge and finally grid export. By late afternoon the solar system should have powered all household needs, filled the battery to 100%, and any excess exported.

The monitoring is by the Solax App, which is easy to use and gives excellent data on the solar production, household consumption, household export, battery levels, and battery discharge. All this information is at your fingertips anywhere in the world. The Solax app is a very good interface that is clear to read and easy to use.

The X 1 has 6kw battery charger, on a 5kw inverter, so larger inputs from your solar panels is handled with ease. Its the little extra smarts in the design that make the Solax Hybrid X1 Inverters a great option for a battery powered household.

Compatible with the Triple power Battery Series.

Data Sheet Here.

Inverter Specifications

Available in Australia Yes
Country of manufacture China
Product warranty 10 years
Maximum DC Power 6000
Maximum Efficiency 97.8%