Secondary Combustion Portable Grill Firepit - With Grill & Bag

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The compact and portable design of Winnerwell Secondary Combustion Portable Grill Firepit makes a campfire possible anywhere, it’s perfect for camping trips, tailgating, and backyard bonfires. The included grill attachment offers a nice platform for cooking versatility, which allows you to brew a pot of coffee in the morning and cook on during the day. 

 With" Secondary Combustion" concept applied, Winnerwell firepit is engineered to produce more heat and warmth while using less fuel, clean burning with minimal ash left. Strategically place holes in the double-wall structure draw in air from the bottom and feed the heated oxygen to the top, resulting in a spectacular secondary burn. 

 The removable Grill platform turns the bonfire into a cook top. It can also be used as a self-standing table or shelf, or used separately matching with a gas burner.



Material: AISI304 Stainless Steel for the Grill Firepit set

               Polyester for the Container Bag 

Stowed Dimension: 325(L)mm×315(W)mm×145(H)mm / 12.8(L)in×12.4(W)in×5.7(H)in

Assembly Dimension:

355(L)mm×318(W)mm×385~495(H)mm / 14(L)in×12.5(W)in×15.2~19.5(H)in

Net Weight: 6.7kg / 14.8lbs

Load Bearing:

Firepit: 15kg / 33.1lbs

Grill platform: 8kg / 17.6lbs    

Package Contains : 1×Firepit, 1×Grill Frame, 2×Grill Net, 1×Grate,  1×Container Bag