Clenergy Carport Structure.

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One of the most exciting new developments in the Solar industry is the new Clenergy EZ shade. An incredibly practical and economical development combining a carport or structure such as a pool shade or whatever your imagination can come up with this provides a structure with a roof of Solar panels.

This comes in both a 15 panel single carport size or a 25 panel double carport size. We have combined the Clenergy Solar structure with premium 330w Solar panels to complete the package. If you have a mains grid connection we can pair this with a Goodwe 5kW inverter, or if you have no grid connection and require off grid power we can easily size you up an off grid system to suit.

Main Benefits

Durability – the whole anodised aluminium structure gives the system a decent look and anti-corrosive quality as well. It is a good choice for even the toughest environment, such as sites near the coastline.

Watertight Function – PV-ezRack ezShade is available with the watertight function for the premium product. The version without it is the more economical option.

System Earthing Feature – With the earthed panel clamps, T-rail clamps with earthed Z-modules and set screws in the system, it can create earthing continuity from solar panels
to supports.

Package includes:

  • Clenergy Structure (select size from drop down menu)
  • Premium A grade CEC 330w Solar Panels
  • Cables and Solar isolator to suit

Single Carport -  15 x CEC 330w Panels

Double Carport -  25 x CEC 330w Panels