VICTRON ' Extra Cheese' OFF GRID SYSTEM ' 3.3 KW Panels - 5 KVA Inverter | 22 KWH AGM Batteries.

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Our most popular Off Grid Solar system is the Ultimate Budget Off Grid, however many customers need it with 'Extra cheese' in the way of double the size battery bank and double the Solar power. This system is ideal for those that want to power a small home or shed giving you the basic essentials such as LED lights, TV, charging phones/laptops, kettle, microwave and an air conditioner. Powered with Victron Energy components this means you will get excellent reliability which is a must when you’re going off the grid. The most budget aspect of this system is the batteries, if you look after the batteries you’ll get approximately 8 years and you can always upgraded your battery bank a few years down the track when budget allows.

This stand alone renewable energy package uses the tried & proven Victron 5KVA MultiPlus Inverter Charger system, coupled with 10x 330W JA premium panels & 8x 200Ah Sealed GEL maintenance free deep cycle batteries.  ** Currently offering a FREE upgrade to 8x 230Ah AGM batteries, giving 22kWh total capacity (11kWh usable), while stocks last. 

The sealed GEL deep cycle maintenance-free batteries have an exceptional cycle life of around 1200 cycles to 50% discharge, which means the batteries could last around 9 years if they’re not discharged to more than 50% every three days at worst & kept insulated from temperature extremes.

Off Grid Solar Package Includes:

    • 3.3kW Solar PV Array using 10x JA 330W Premium Mono Panels
    • Victron¬†MultiPlus 5KVA/4kW Pure Sine Wave Inverter 48v
    • Victron SmartSolar charge controller to suit (250/60)
    • Victron Colour Control GX system monitor with online access,¬†
    • 8x 230Ah Sealed GEL/AGM Deep cycle maintenance free Batteries 48v (22kWh total /11Wh usable)
    • DC¬†Disconnect / Battery Breaker & Fuses to suit
    • DC Solar PV breaker
    • 5 Metres of Battery Cabling 25mm2 ‚Äď 4x 1.25m lengths with lugs fitted
    • 20 Metres of Solar Cable fitted with solar connectors one end
    • Battery series link cables
    • Solar Panel racking to suit¬†Tin roof¬†(Tile & Tilt¬†upgrades available)
    • Safety Sticker Kit
    • Pre wired board with generator plug

The system can be expanded at any time in the following ways:

  • Additional batteries, batteries can be added to the system at any time to increase storage capacity
  • Up to 6x Inverter Chargers for up to 30kVA rated output power ‚Äď set in single phase or three phase
  • Within sensibility, basically an unlimited amount of solar power can be installed, adding more MPPT controllers as required & setting charge limits appropriate for the battery bank
  • Generator backup ‚Ästrecommended in general for Off-Grid living. The inverter can both charge the batteries and power the house loads using generator power.

Detailed system information¬†such as¬†solar power, usage history &¬†battery status¬†is displayed on the¬†intuitive Colour Control GX panel. When connected to your home network all this live¬†information¬†can be viewed¬†on your smart phone or a PC, and if you have the internet ‚Äď view your system from anywhere in the world using Victron‚Äôs free Remote Management portal (called the VRM portal).¬†See the Colour Control GX brochure on the downloads tab for more information.

Off Grid Solar power system. Power will be supplied primarily from the solar panels¬†& battery bank. If there is insufficient power,¬†the inverter¬†can make use of a petrol or diesel powered generator to recharge the batteries & run the household loads. The system can start the generator automatically providing the generator is compatible with two wire starting ‚Äď some ATS systems are also compatible with two wire start.

Peace of mind is an important facet when living off grid. The Victron MultiPlus inverter charger system is covered by an outstanding 5 year replacement or repair warranty. 

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