First Aid Kit (ARTG Approved) - 210 Pcs

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First Aid Kit (ARTG Approved) - 210 Pcs


  • Who Should Purchase This Kit?
  • If you love travelling, day trips or have a small bag that needs a kit then the Handy First Aid Kit is for you. This kit is also perfect for the car, motorbike or any form of transport where size and weight is on your mind.
    We recommend the Handy Kit for handbags, sport bags, day trips, weekend trips, round the world travel, mountain bikers, BMX, camping, hiking, trekking, vehicles or even in the baby pram.
  • This kit makes the perfect present for your loved one who may just be getting their licence or is heading overseas on their first adventure. Having been on plenty of adventures already, just like thousands of Aussies, make sure you don't leave home without one. The Handy First Aid Kit will quickly become your best friend and will be the first thing you pack on any adventure. It has been Australia's best portable first aid kit for years and is now hugely popular worldwide.


  • Colour: Green
  • Material: 600d Cavans
  • Package Dimensions:22*8*17cm
  • Package Weights: 0.56kg
  • ARTG :244567

Package Includes:

  • 210 Piece First Aid Kit
  • 50x Adhesive Plaster Strips(19x76mm)
  • 40x Adhesive Plaster Strips(10x40mm)
  • 2x Knuckle Fabric Strips (75x38mm)
  • 2x Fingertip Fabric Strips
  • 22xalcohol Prep Pad
  • 4x Antiseptic Wipes
  • 1x Cpr Mouth Breath Mask
  • 12x Safety Pins
  • 1x Emergency Balnket
  • 3x Non Adherent Pad
  • 2x Steriled Eye Pad
  • 2x Triangular Bandage
  • 1x Instant Cold Pack
  • 1x First Aid Tape
  • 6x Wond Dressing 
  • 4x Disposable Vinyl Gloves(M Size)
  • 2x 5cm X 4.5m Conforming Bandage
  • 2x 7.5cm X 4.5m Conforming Bandage
  • 1x 10cm X 4.5m Conforming Bandage
  • 1x 11cm Plastic Tweezer
  • 20x Sterile Absorbent Cotton
  • 1x Scissors
  • 30x Cotton Tipped Applicatiors