Fire Starter Magnesium Rod

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Product Details:

Name: Solid magnesium Bar Magnesium strip outdoor camping take fire ignition heating survival igniter survive

Material: Alloy+magnesium

Color: Silver

Size: diameter 16mm x 90mm long 

Weight: 35g

Product List: Magnesium Bar * 1

Packaging: OPP bag Independent packaging


1. Magnesium Rod solid, Cylindrical Shape.outdoor camping fire Survival necessary; 

2. In the shelter, with a blade or a harder sheet-like tool, the magnesium strip is scraped down a certain amount of magnesium powder (easy to scrape), scattered on flammable substances, and then use the igniter can easily ignite the Fire.

3.This product is made of magnesium and a small amount of aluminum. The product can be used effectively and is not fake.


The magnesium rod cannot directly ignite or scrape the spark, and it is necessary to scrape off some powder to assist the ignition;