Victron Off Grid Solar Kit 3 KVA - 3 KVA Inverter / 2520 W PV / 9.6 KWH

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Victron Powered Complete Off Grid Solar Power System Kit – 2250W Solar PV & 9.6kWh Sealed GEL Bank


This stand alone renewable energy package uses the tried & proven Victron 3kVA (2.4kW) MultiPlus Inverter Charger system, coupled with 9x 250w A Grade CEC approved bushfire rated solar panels & 4x 200Ah Sealed GEL maintenance free deep cycle batteries.

Peace of mind is an important facet when living off grid. The Victron MultiPlus inverter charger system is covered by an outstanding 5 year replacement or repair warranty.

On average, there will be 10kWh (kilowatt hours) of power available from the solar array per day – based on 4.5hrs of effective sunshine per day (the national average is between 4 to 5 hours, where 1kW of solar panels will produce between 4kWh to 5kWh per average day).

This solar PV design principle reduces the amount of time the battery will be low on charge, which maximises the life expectancy & provides far more reliable power. The solar array can recharge the battery bank from 50% discharged in around 3 hours of full clear sunshine, depending on time of day, weather & any loads running on the system at the same time. A generator can be used to recharge the battery bank and run loads through the inverter too.

When there is no sunshine or badly overcast weather, the battery reserve capacity will give the following power from full charge down to 50%:

  • 4.8kW-hours for one day, or
  • 2.4kW-hours per day for two days, or
  • 1.6kW-hours per day for three days, or
  • 1.2kW-hours per day for four days

The above battery capacities are important in working out the system suitability for your needs. If you need an off grid system for remote self sufficient living, then you need to consider having enough backup for your daily power needs during poor cloudy conditions which can last several days depending on your local climate.

If you need a ‘grid hybrid’ system where you wish to use as much of your own solar power as possible and use less power from the grid, it is not essential to consider a few days’ backup. The ‘average daily usage’ figures from your electricity bills are a good place to start.**

Estimate your system requirements using our off-grid calculator.

Detailed solar, battery & system information is displayed on the Victron Colour Control GX system display panel. Once connected to the internet, this info call also be viewed on your smartphone or PC.

The sealed GEL deep cycle maintenance-free batteries have an exceptional cycle life of around 1200 cycles to 50% discharge, which means the batteries could last around 9 years if they’re not discharged to more than 50% every three days at worst & kept insulated from temperature extremes.

Package Includes:

    • 9x 280w A grade Mono/ Poly Crystalline CEC approved Solar Panels (2.52kW or 2520w)
    • Victron MultiPlus 3kVA 48v Pure Sine Wave Inverter 48v with 35A AC Charger
    • Victron Colour Control GX system monitoring & control panel
    • Victron BlueSolar 150/45 MPPT Solar charge controller
    • Victron BMV-702 Battery monitor + VE.Direct connect cables
    • 4x 200Ah Sealed GEL/AGM Deep cycle maintenance free Batteries 48v (9.6kWh total / 4.8kWh usable)
    • DC Disconnect / Battery Breaker & Fuses to suit
    • DC Solar PV breaker
    • 5 Metres of Battery Cabling 35mm2 – 4x 1.25m lengths with lugs fitted
    • 2.5 Metres of Battery Cabling 16mm2 – 2x 1.25m lengths with lugs fitted one end
    • 40 Metres of Solar Cable – 2x 20m fitted with solar connectors one end
    • Battery series link cables
    • Solar Panel racking to suit Tin roof (Tile & Tilt upgrades available)
    • Safety Sticker Kit

The system can be expanded at any time in the following ways:

  • Up to 6x Inverter Chargers total for up to 18kVA rated output power – set in single phase or 3 phase
  • Within sensibility, basically an unlimited amount of solar power can be installed, adding more MPPT controllers as required & setting charge limits as appropriate for the battery bank.
  • Batteries can be added, however not recommended once initial batteries have been in use for over 6-12 months depending on usage patterns.

Create an Off Grid power system. Power will be supplied primarily from the solar panels & battery bank. If there is insufficient power, the inverter can make use of a petrol, diesel or gas powered generator to recharge the batteries & run the household loads intuitively. The system can start the generator automatically providing the generator is compatible with two wire starting – some ATS systems are also compatible with two wire start.

Create a Grid-Hybrid system, where your Solar energy is used & stored as first priority**. Power will be supplied primarily from the solar panels & battery bank. If there is insufficient power, the inverter supplements power using the Grid AC power supply automatically. This design principle uses your solar & stored energy first before using the mains grid power. This can be more feasible than the low grid feed-in tariff typically on offer. Victron’s Battery Safe feature retains a set amount of charge in the battery bank, utilising the mains to keep the battery operating in the optimal range. A generator can be used in place of grid power for charging the batteries and running loads in the event of a few cloudy days or some heavy power usage.

** If you wish to make a grid hybrid system with or without grid feeding / export of solar power, we can change to the Victron MultiGrid inverter chargers for this purpose. This would add approx $1800 to the system price. The MultiPlus inverter included with this listing is not suitable for mains connection or grid feeding / export of solar power.. Please contact us if you wish to change the system in any way.

Warranty Information

  • Solar panels feature a 10 year product warranty & 25 year pro-rata warranty on performance
  • All Victron components have a 5 year full warranty
  • Visit our battery warranties page to view the warranties we have on our batteries.
  • All other items come with a minimum 12 month warranty

Please note this system will not feed energy back into the grid! Instead, all your solar energy harvest is used by your household with solar priority mode. The inverter can recharge the battery bank from generator or mains power if there has not been enough sunny days.

Please note this listing does not include installation. Installations exceeding 500VA should be done by a qualified electrician, in accordance to electrical safety requirements of your state or territory.

Solar panels feature a 25 year pro-rata year warranty, inverter/ charge controller a 5 year full warranty, and all other items come with a minimum 12 month warranty. For more information see manufactures warranty, found on each brand website.