Australian Weekender Growatt Offgrid System | Growatt 5kVA Inverter | 2.34 kW Solar | 5 kWh Lithium Battery

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e’ve put together the unbeatable weekender off grid system for those who are on a budget and want maximum bang for your buck. The Growatt inverter charger has 5kW of continuous power meaning you can many regular household appliances that you wouldn’t be able to on traditional budget off grid system which has 3kVA/2.4kW of inverter power which can make running appliances like a kettle, a small air conditioner difficult.

The difference between a Growatt system and a Victron system?

The difference is that Victron inverters have a transformer and Growatt inverters don’t have a transformer, what that means is that Growatt aren’t as heavy duty and as well equipped to handle hard loads such as what you’ll find with 1.5kW+ irrigation pumps, air compressors, power tools etc. (Thats where we suggest use your generator) What they are really well suited is for running every day appliances like a fridge, TV, lights, toaster, microwave, kettle, small 2.5-3.5kW output air conditioner (1-2kW input), battery charging, washing machine etc. So if you’ve got a weekender its perfect.

Here at SSA we specialize in off grid what that means is that when you purchase a system from us you can have confidence that it will do exactly what you want it to do, that it is going to be supremely reliable as we would only sell what we would install in our own house and best of all we are here to help you every step of the way after you’ve purchased your system.

Package Includes:

    • Growatt 48v 5kW Inverter Charger with built in 100A Solar regulator
    • 6x 390w A grade Solar Panels (2.34kW)
    • Wifi monitoring
    • Growatt 48v 100AH 4.8kWh Lithium Battery
    • 2 Battery cabinet
    • DC Disconnect / Battery Breaker & Fuses to suit
    • DC Solar PV breaker
    • 5 Metres of Battery Cabling 35mm2 -with lugs fitted (gives 2.5m distance from batteries to inverter)
    • 20 Metres of Solar Cable fitted with solar connectors one end
    • Battery series link cables
    • Solar Panel racking to suit Tin roof (Tile & Tilt upgrades available)
    • Detailed installation guide
    • Optional pre wired board with generator plug for an extra $980
    • Optional extra 4.8kWh lithium battery for $2490

This system is expandable

  • You can add more 4.8kWh lithium batteries to this system
  • You can easily add another 3 or 6 Solar panels to this system, the charge controller can handle up to 9 x 390w Solar panels in series meaning you can daisy chain another 3 panels onto the original 6 with ease. Alternatively you can up to 12 panels wired 6 in series with 2 strings in parallel. And beyond

Growatt Inverter features

  • Integrated MPPT charge controller
  • Equilization charging function
  • Maximum PV input voltage up to 450VDC

Solar panel performance

This system comes with 2.34kW of Solar, you can expect the Solar the following amount of power on average:
Summer = 14kWh per day
Spring/Autumn = 9kWh per day
Winter = 5.5kWh per day