BioLite | Campstove 2 'Turn fire into electricity'

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BioLite - Campstove 2 'Turn fire into electricity'

The award-winning BioLite CampStove's latest upgrade features 50% more power, an integrated battery, and an updated LED dashboard for improved control and feedback.

Burning only wood, the CampStove 2's fan creates a smokeless fire that can cook meals and boil water in minutes while turning its heat into usable electricity.

Compatible with the KettlePot and Portable Grill, cook up wood-fired meals and charge devices using only the sticks around you.

What's new?

  • 50% more power 
    Updated thermoelectrics provide 3 watts of continuous power for a more seamless charging experience.
  • On board battery storage 
    Integrated 2600mAh battery can store energy for when stove is not in use. You can also pre-charge it at home for a head start.
  • Updated LED dashboard 
    See the strength of your fire, the power available to you, and your fan levels instantly.
  • 4 fan speeds 
    Compared to the 2 settings on CampStove 1, achieve better control of your flame size.
  • Modified stove body 
    New legs, new heat mesh design, and a modified internal chamber to accommodate the new design of our heat probe.

Stay Green
By using renewable resources for fuel instead of petroleum, you're reducing your carbon footprint. You'll also keep fuel canisters out of the landfill.

Be prepared
The CampStove 2 isn't just for camping; it's great to have on hand when the power goes out in a storm or other natural disasters. You'll be able to cook and keep electronics charged while power lines are down.

Have fun
Like a campfire, you can sit around the CampStove 2 and watch the flames dance as you roast marshmallows and tell stories with friends.

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