Commodore Solar Pressure Pump Kit - 12V FL40H / 17LPM / 25 Psi

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Product Features:

  1. Easy Maintenance: Inlet strainer with clear lid for inspection prevents debris from entering the pump.
  2. Connects directly to 15mm quick connect pipe. Suitable to connect to 1/2” flexible hose.
  3. Mould base drop in and fit one piece kit.
  4. 5 ltr Accumulator tank combines high capacity and compact size.
  5. Easy installation: pre-mounted kit 4 screws- and connect plumbing.


Type: 4 Chamber positive displacement diaphragm pump, self-priming, capable of being run dry.

Control Type: pressure switch

Volume : 17 LPM

Max Recommended Temperature: 60° C(140° F)

Priming Capabilities: 6 feet(1.8m) suction lift

Re-start pressure: shut-off pressure 40PSI: 30PSI±5PSI(±0.3 bar)

Working Pressure : 20 -30 Psi

Inlet/Outlet Ports: Quick Attach

Weight:21.6 lbs(9.8kgs)



Leads: 16 AWG,4.5”(11CM) long with 2-pin connector/Leads

Duty Cycle: Intermittent

Max. Amp Draw: 15.0A