Self Sufficient Cabins & Containers

Self Sufficient Cabins

We are happy to announce the partnership with Self Sufficient Australia & Hypercuby !

Hypercuby supplies innovative building products including prefabricated buildings using the latest building materials and advanced construction methods. With focus on sustainability, affordability & efficiency.

Supplying our customers with Australian Made Flatcuby Plus & paired with our flagship Off Grid ready Solar Kits.

Perfect for any Off Grid Tiny Home, Studio or Office.

Fully insulated Flatcuby Plus is built with a rigid base and structure so you can install it on any stable foundation or on a trailer. It gives you the ultimate in flexible space. Easy transport and relocation, take it with you whenever you move.

Check out each listing for more info.

Self Sufficient Cintainers

Happy to announce we are expanding into the Container home scene, with our range of cabins and containers. Offering light weight, Portable, Insulated Cabins and Container Homes - All featuring full Off Grid Solar - Ready to make your off grid home! Prices start from $15000* Freight services available. Made right here in QLD.

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