Huawei Smart Energy Center - Grid Tied Hybrid Inverter 4.6kW / 2 MPPT / Wifi

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Huawei Grid Tied Hybrid Inverter - 4.6kW /  2 MPPT/  w/wifi 

Smart Energy Center


Are you feeding power back into the public grid but want the security of backup power? Here is your answer ! 

Huawei's single-phase inverters of the SUN2000L series (Smart Energy Center) are Huawei's Hybrid solution for residential connected PV Solar systems.

One Great addition of these products and that are already prepared for future installation of lithium batteries.*

Battery Compatibility : LG Chem RESU 7H_R / 10H_R*

All Huawei inverters comply with CEI 0-21.

*Batteries purchased separately.

Check out the Data Sheet Here.